Posted by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 02/06/19 05:06
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/06/19 12:40

I thought at first a combination of b&w and color image but opening the thumbnail revealed the urban image. Always been a fan of street cars especially the ones with a more vintage look to them... just reminds me of growing up in Vancouver, B.C. back in the 1950s when I used to ride them.

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 02/06/19 13:19

I haven't done much photo shooting lately, so I've been going
through some old photos......(many of which I'd forgotten about ).
I had to stop and think in which city this taken....Milan. When
posting, my first instinct here was to remove the graffiti and the
man in the background. But I decided to leave it unedited. I can
try to analyze what motivated me to capture this image, but I
think it just comes down to instinct....shoot now, analyze (if you
must) later. Reason for the photo title : 8888 ,No idea ... Maybe
just the 2 bicycle wheels... :-)

Comments by S Roter on Sun, 02/10/19 13:59

This photo has a timeless feel.