*****dog on the ice trail*****

Just out for a walk along the Red Red Mutual Trail (or just the ice tral) when this dog came scampering by closely followed by the ownerr. The dog was dressed for the weather and looked like it was really enjoying itself on the run.

I was hoping to catch the dog on the way back but the owner had the dog on a leash and so the sense of exuberance that came through in this image was not there

This series is a follow up to the series along the ice trail. With the cold weather the Red River Mutual Trail has been extended to a length of 6.5kms running along sections of both the Red River and the Assiniboine River.

CS5 auto contrast

Nikon D7100
AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm
f6.3 1/640 105mm

Taken January 5, 2019.

Posted by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/27/19 21:23
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/27/19 21:25

south along the Red River Mutual Ice Trail with the Saint Boniface Hospital in the background

CS5 auto contrast

Nik detail extractor (75,6,39,fine)
film efex: nostalgic (-9,80,41,40,500,80,4)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/27/19 21:26

Manitoba Paddling Association dragon boat

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/27/19 21:28

Nik detail extractor


Jennie O’Keefe + Chris Pancoe
Winnipeg, MB

Huttie is a warming hut destined to delight both the young and old. Inspired by the retro cult children’s T.V. series H.R. Pufnstuf, river trail visitors will be transported into Huttie’s technicolor splendor. Once inside, visitors are encouraged to relax and seek warmth on a plush gliding tongue while taking in the psychedelic cascading interior on its mouth. Huttie - it’s your friend when the weather’s rough!

still waiting for the tongue

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 01/29/19 06:00

I like that you caught the dog "dressed " for the cold and just at
the "start" of his run.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 01/31/19 20:25

CS5 auto contrast
Nik detail extractor (25,6,6,normal)

HOVERBOX Warming Hut

Simon Kassner and Wilko Hoffmann
NAICE Architecture
Berlin, Germany

A large white box hovers over the ice; in the box, there a people walk about, bide their time, or seemingly hover over the floor. What is happening? The visitor enters a labyrinth turned upside down by way of one of the two narrow openings leading inward. Corridors snake through the body of the building and end at benches. The visitor wanders around, optically cut off from the outside world, disoriented, and only perceives the legs and feet of other visitors. Sudden encounters bring strangers together, secret visual contacts through holes in the walls next to the benches invite visitors to spy on their surroundings, difficult to recognize. A play involving distance and proximity.

And yes there are actually living legs in the photo.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 01/31/19 20:27

Nik detail extractor
CS5 auto contrast

"We're building this structure and they're going to be having dinner under here on the ice," said Edward Sandberg Jr. He said putting the temporary structure together was "like a puzzle. But I'm getting used to it. "It's something different. A different atmosphere… it's interesting."

The RAW:almond restaurant will feature chefs from around the world from late January until the middle of February with each given two days to display their cooking talents.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 01/31/19 20:28

at -30C this wood fire was so inviting

Comments by S Roter on Thu, 01/31/19 20:48

Wonderful series of photos, the OP is a hit.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Fri, 02/01/19 11:34

The OP is my fav but all a interesting series.;-)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 02/02/19 19:58

cyclist on the ice trail