Into the Foothills in Winter

Posted by Barry Dickieson on Wed, 01/23/19 12:14
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Comments by Barry Dickieson on Wed, 01/23/19 12:15

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Wed, 01/23/19 12:16

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 01/23/19 13:13

Always like these views of the foothills and the Rockies themselves. I noticed a solitary house in the opening image... imagine the solitude especially at this time of the year. The striped banding of trees in the first image in the comment section catches one\s eyes and one wonders if this is natural or the result of man's actions.

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Wed, 01/23/19 14:07

Thanks for the comment Jan. This area is prone to quite strong
westerly winds which sweep over the foothills. The consequence for
some trees are these bands where they have hard time taking root.

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Thu, 01/24/19 00:23

Beautiful ....and these deserve the the panorama format you've

Comments by Dale Chadwick on Thu, 01/24/19 08:44

Great work. What mountains are these? Have you attempted HDR--three
different exposures merged to give more dynamic range? It helps bring
out the clouds. I use Photomatix. Even if you only have one image, you
can use it to increase the range as per your image. (Incidentally, how
did you get Photocritique to load a 1500 pixel-wide image?)

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Thu, 01/24/19 10:04

Thanks for the comments Bruce and Dale - I have tried HDR from three
images, but my camera is old by today's standards and I prefer not
to drag a tripod along with me. Maybe my next camera will let me do
hand-held HDR. The images are stored on my own webspace not on the
Photocritique site. There is an option when you post, to insert a URL
address instead of uploading to Photocritique.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Sat, 01/26/19 15:31

If I was standing in your spot Id skip the foreground and telephoto concentrate on the
more distant landscape of trees and mountains. Just a matter of personal preference
but scrubby and snowless bushes and trees are simply unattractive. If no tele lens in
the bag Id be looking for smaller details of texture and patterns. Small and less obvious
scenes sometimes at ones feet instead of out in front.

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Sat, 01/26/19 21:27

Thanks Jeff for your input - quite useful as always.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sun, 01/27/19 14:49

There's no place like the Rockies. Nice shots.;-)

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Mon, 01/28/19 19:22

Tanks Sandi - we're pretty impressed with scenes of the Maritimes and
have really enjoyed a couple of visits there. Many of your posts
remind us of those trips.