Night Wind In The Grass

Posted by Paul Bracey on Thu, 12/13/18 20:01
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 12/13/18 20:35

I like your night time composition with a black background which creates the illusion of viewing this scene from the window of a farm house giving a feeling of being in the picture and seeing this setting with one's own eyes.

There seems to be a circular flow in the image starting in the night time sky moving right to left and then through the grass and back up into the sky to start the flow over again.

Peaceful and lonely in feel.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Thu, 12/13/18 23:18

I like the special effects. Good comp. Hard to say without being there but maybe
moving up the slope to shorten the grass by about half which would increase the sky for
a more spacious look.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sat, 12/15/18 09:17

Very nice, Paul. The effects is right on.;-)

Comments by Dale Chadwick on Sat, 12/15/18 11:54


Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sun, 12/16/18 10:04

Wyeth by moonlight

Comments by Art Sands on Wed, 01/16/19 19:32

Very nice work Paul !

Comments by els mo on Wed, 01/16/19 20:32

A classicPaul Bracey image. Wonderful.

Reminds me of Christina's world (sans Christina).
; )