Arc of a Sunflower

Posted by Paul Bracey on Mon, 09/03/18 13:11
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 09/03/18 13:27

I would have photographed the sunflower for the color... for that grand and glorious yellow... and in the process I would have missed out on the textural feel of the sunflower as well as the geometric shapes that are created by the arc of the sunflower. I like the low ground level perspective with that sunflower arcing above the viewer.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 09/03/18 14:04

For Jan, Among Giants

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 09/03/18 14:14

The OP is very nice...pleasing effect. Good job.;-)

Comments by els mo on Tue, 09/04/18 20:11

Love it! Everything about it. Point of view, black and white, composition. You and Jan
are inspiring me at the moment. As soon as the dreaded triple H's go away, I will
venture out to the farms around me.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Tue, 09/04/18 22:01

The OP is far beyond the common view that most photogs, including me, give the

Comments by les perry on Wed, 09/05/18 15:26

Its been a while since you posted your version of sunflowers!

Good to see it back!

Comments by S Roter on Thu, 09/06/18 22:00

OP is a wonderful monotone.

Comments by Paul Cooper on Sat, 10/06/18 04:16

Nice, the OP reminds me of "The War of the Worlds" the 1953 version.