I had gone to the zoo with the intent of taking some pictures of the tigers but the tigers were in hiding so I continued on to Journey to Churchill exhibit which always has some activity what with 11 polar bears (soon to be 10 polar bears as one is being returned to the Toronto Zoo after a number of months getting into the polar bear way of life with 10 roomies).

I find in photographing the polar bears in the Journey to Churchill exhibit that the best shots seem to come about by shooting through the ends of the pool but on this occasion I managed to get several images of the bears directly overhead without too much reflection.

Always struck by their graceful nature in the water.

CS5 auto contrast

Nikon D7100
AF-S Nikkor 18-140mm
f5 1/1000 18mm

Taken September 21, 2018.

Posted by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 09/30/18 20:53
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 09/30/18 20:55

CS5 auto tone

Nik silver efex pro2 underexposed ev-1 (-14,13,10,green)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 09/30/18 20:56

I had 2 different perspectives on this play fight and I preferred this view which gave me a better sense of scale for the two polar bears.

Nik detail extractor (25,6,6,normal)
CS5 curves (set to grey point)

Taken September 30, 2018.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 09/30/18 20:57

Nik silver efex pro2 high structure - harsh (0,0,33,yellow)

Taken August 26, 2018.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 09/30/18 23:36

I can't get over the size of their paws. It's no wonder they are such
good swimmers!

Comments by S Roter on Mon, 10/01/18 09:36

Amazing images

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 10/02/18 11:46

The backlighting with the "active" pose of the O.P. really caught my
attention , here.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Tue, 10/02/18 17:54

Some great shots Jan. It is not easy shooting them from that window

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 10/03/18 20:04

This is a picture of the polar bear's pool. I usually photograph the bears from either side of the tunnel. The tunnel area on the left is where I posted the opening image and the first image in the comment section and as one can see the curved glass in the tunnel is quite reflective even with just a small number of people in the area.

I particularly like this area since the polar bears often go through a continual cycle of diving and surfacing as they try to get a view of the harbour seals that are in an adjacent pool through the opening on the right.

In the area to the left one can see a lot of trout fingerlings. I think the pool was seeded with the fish to get the bears into the pool initially and then of course the bears ate all the fish and now the pool is fish free.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 10/03/18 20:05

CS5 auto contrast

Nik silver efex pro2 cool tones2 (34,44,-18,red)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 10/05/18 20:43

"... spread the word, we break out at noon..."