Winnipeg Office Environment

Posted by Richard Dong on Mon, 04/29/13 13:16
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 04/29/13 13:18

This looks like my SUV back in my working days when my vehicle was simply an extension of my office. Sort of a toss up between the office in the front seat and my photographic equipment in the back of the SUV.

Comments by Richard Dong on Mon, 04/29/13 13:20

I love old trucks and despite this one being rusted, dented and with a cracked windshield it had a lot of character in part because of the lived in quality and the clutter inside. I think this truck belonged to the kneeling workman, so it is an appropriate way to frame him.

Comments by Richard Dong on Mon, 04/29/13 13:25

The workman was making preparations for a street festival in near the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 04/29/13 13:26

When you mention the kneeling workman and this being his truck I thought a cropping from the right edge and left edge (one to eliminate the triangle in the upper left hand corner and two to eliminate the view out the back window) enhances the framing of the workman by his work office vehicle.

Comments by Richard Dong on Mon, 04/29/13 13:36

I think I prefer the original cropping as this is an environmental portrait and seeing the surroundings helps to convey a sense of the environment. I also like how the triangle shapes are repeated, it helps to provide a sense of depth to the image that draws the viewer into the shot.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Mon, 04/29/13 14:54

Yep, that's a classic Winnipeg Office for sure Richard. The modern ones have back seats for their pinters, beer bottles and potato chips. That Market place stage is now gone and they have a chain link cube that unzipps into a stage. I think Jan may have submitted a photo of it. I took couple of shots of it last year.

Comments by Linda Frey on Tue, 04/30/13 06:23

No time to make sandwiches for lunch? Just grab a bag of oatmeal and a bottle of
water. A few stone ground crackers for dessert. Must be a Winnipeg thing.

Comments by Mike Hites on Tue, 04/30/13 21:46

Very cool. Definitely prefer the OP.

Comments by Michael Meek on Tue, 04/30/13 23:59

Neat capture. OP for me, too.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Wed, 05/01/13 04:19

#1 for me. A real moment. I can never make photos like this. Too much

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 08/08/18 22:13

They're both good, but yeah, the OP...