another Prisma manipulation

Today they launched the app for the Android platform. It is so popular that the
servers could not keep up with the influx of users.It is a lot of fun. As with all of
these apps, you need to start with an interesting photo. Whilst googling, I saw a lot
of bad taste use of the app.

Posted by els mo on Mon, 07/25/16 19:11
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Comments by els mo on Mon, 07/25/16 19:17

They use AI to create a whole new image from your photograph. There are a lot of styles to
choose from. You have to figure out which style fits best with your particular photograph.
Here is another one:

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 07/25/16 19:24

I would imagine with such a new effect it will require some experimentation to find out which subject matter works best with what version of the effect. I like the opening picture with it set against a black background... there is something about this image and the previous of the cups and plates which brings to mind a style of painting that for the life of me I cannot recall the name for at present. The image in the comments has an abstractive feel to it with the sailing boats reminding of birds in flight. I find a cropping from the left edge into the white sky eliminates the shadowy vertical banding and gives a strong visual feel to the image.

Comments by els mo on Mon, 07/25/16 20:19

Jan, do a search for the artists Malevich, Lissitzky and Matisse. For styles:
Suprematism and Constructivism. Also search Bauhaus. It was a very interesting

Comments by Linda Frey on Mon, 07/25/16 21:51

Good choice of image and filter. It makes a very different look for your dock.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Tue, 07/26/16 09:06

The effects is pretty cool...both images are nice. I wondered if there is a 'plug in' like this?;-)

Comments by Michael Meek on Tue, 07/26/16 15:32

Impressive "looks." I'd think folks would hang these left and right. I particularly like the effect of the curve in the second that leads to all those polygons. The color layers delight as well: warm to cool to faded white which helps lead the eye from near to far. Not sure about the crack in the sky, but it might be essential so that the whole thing is not too "pat" on further viewing. Fun stuff, els!

Comments by els mo on Tue, 07/26/16 21:33

Thank you Jan, Linda, Sandi and Michael for your comments and critique.

Jan, you are right about the cropping.

At the moment, there is no control over the size of the image. Once they have their
servers sorted out, I hope they come up with a way to save larger sized images. The
default size is 1000px x 1000px. Too bad, because these are the first images in a long
time I feel like printing. Maybe I'll try small size Fracture images.

Michael, the crack in the sky is a Radio Amateur antenna. I sort of like it, indeed. Not
sure what 'pat' means, but my motto is: 'Keep them confused'!

Comments by els mo on Tue, 07/26/16 21:40

Oh, and Sandi, I do not know about a 'plug in'. Here is how this app works:

"Prisma utilises artificial intelligence and neural networks to edit your photos. So it might
take only a few seconds for your photos to be turned into art, but the image processing
is not happening within the app instead the image has to be sent to Prisma's servers
in Moscow and then the result is returned to your phone."

Not your everyday app or plug in, I guess.

Comments by Sharan Jay on Thu, 07/28/16 13:05

all in all. creative work!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 08/08/18 21:44

Not generally a fan of "filtered" images, but these, especially the OP, are