New paint job on our house

Posted by Art Sands on Wed, 08/31/16 21:20
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Comments by Art Sands on Wed, 08/31/16 21:21

Just kidding - interesting house on Larimer Street in Denver

Comments by Linda Frey on Thu, 09/01/16 14:21

Well, maybe it could be your next house?

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 09/01/16 14:28

I keep I may not like the paint job but on those days or nights when I'm a little lost it would be easy to find my home.

Comments by Michael Meek on Fri, 09/02/16 22:19

This is where you go for your magic mushrooms, Art?

Comments by CHCollins on Mon, 08/06/18 00:53

Comrade, it was about time that we painted a disguise on our hideout that would not be so easily recognized. Who would think, after all, that Russian agents would set up shop in a house painted in colors and patterns inspired by Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters? On another note, Comrade, I see that two of our favorite communication protocols here have been disabled -- that would include both "Censorship at Photocritique" and "Kitten in a Cup" which were perhaps the two most highly-commented-upon images in this forum. Our illustrious Comrade Putin must have had something to do with this, but that is OK. I hope you are well, Comrade. Myself, I am busy taking creative photographs of bare-chested horse-riding autocrats and puff-bellied tuft-haired red-hatted golfers, but only from a great distance. Happy days to you, Comrade Sands. Comrade Collins