Posted by flemming rasmussen on Tue, 05/29/18 01:37
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 05/29/18 09:24

I can understand why you would take a picture of this couple. What I cannot understand is partially cutting off their heads.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Tue, 05/29/18 19:16

I have to agree with Jan, it's a puzzling photo.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 05/30/18 20:44

I keep a fruitless hope that you could put aside your failure to ever respond to any of the
few comments about your photos that might explain what your thoughts were when you
decided to click. If you canít (wonít in your case) explain what the photo is about youíll
never improve. On the other hand itís pretty plain by now that you have no desire to
improve. Would really like to know why.