Trucks in Manitoba Museum

This has recieved some negative comments, I'd like your opinion. Thanks

Posted by Steve Tugwell on Wed, 05/16/18 10:34
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 05/16/18 12:54

I cannot say that I would have anything negative to say about this image of the trucks in the Manitoba Museum. I like the light coming through the rear bank of windows which highlights the overhead wood beams and the quality of the light highlighting the trucks (I would assume a flash), the nature of the subject matter and the colors of the said trucks. The only thing to my eye is that I would cropped from the right and left edges to exclude the background truck on the right and the plane on the left because I do find my eye wandering to those elements of the picture when the attention should be focused on the 2 trucks.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 05/16/18 13:35

There’s no doubt these 2 trucks are a composition challenge. About 1/3 of the
composition is the ceiling which serves no purpose. Your comp is OK as a starting point
but if a bunch of camera toters were walking by you’d likely see this comp repeated
many times as a simple record of being there. So it’s time to leave the obvious behind
and search for more graphic details which could be a circular headlight with the lines of
a grill in the background. Walk a few laps around the trucks and watch for the graphic in
design, patterns, texture, curving lines, etc. Stay with it until someone comes looking
for you wondering what’s taking so long. BTW what was the source of the negative
comments and was there one central problem?

Comments by Steve Tugwell on Thu, 05/17/18 09:06

Hi Jeff, the comments came from a camera forum I subscribe to, although most of the commenters were positive, but at least one agreed with you.
I opted out of flash as I felt I'd need at least 2or3 to light it properly, but to get the windows properly lit was impossible, outside it was very sunny, -20c with snow on the ground.
To get the back ground clear was impossible as I don't think anything had moved in years, and I'm not a great proponent of close up's of headlights etc, but to each his own!
Thanks for the feedback though.


Comments by Jeff Dye on Thu, 05/17/18 14:09

Returned for another look to see if a front end comp could be put together that would
eliminate some of the clutter. What I’m suggesting is just a ‘maybe’ from a very long
ways from Manitoba. No idea about your focal length choices. Your position is directly
in front of the green truck so I think moving to your right and composing at an angle
might eliminate some, maybe not all of the comp intruders. That would place the fire
truck somewhat behind the green. Then you could switch positions to the left and place
the fire truck in front.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Thu, 05/17/18 17:39

Steve, I think this image has some color and light (composition)
qualities to it. But does not have good items and theme
qualities. Thus for me while I like some of the color & light
movement the final feel is thinking about all the wonderful item
things that I wish I could see and what I shots I would have
So in the end I am not looking at your image and saying, Wow what
a good shot or Great shot. I am saying I am enjoying some of the
colors in this image.
May I ask what Museum this is (where?) Thanks

Comments by Steve Tugwell on Fri, 05/18/18 09:50

thanks Jeff for your further comments, and G B Shettler too.
The museum is the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon, Manitoba,
I can see now that while the lighting is great, composition can be improved. I may be back there in August, I'll try your recommendations.


Comments by slacker on Fri, 05/18/18 12:59

nothin negative here ... Won't win any Pulitzer's, and an opinion is just that.... an opinion. Wipe it with a grain of salt and don't forget to flush...

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 05/22/18 03:55

The OLD museum backdrop here adds a lot to the overall image...