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File name 1M6A4284.CR2
File Size 21.9MB
Camera Model Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Shooting Date/Time 3/11/2018 11:23:55 AM
Shooting Mode Program AE
Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/1250
Av(Aperture Value) 5.6
Metering Mode Spot Metering
Exposure Compensation -1
ISO Speed 200
Auto ISO Speed OFF
Lens EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM
Focal Length 82.0mm
Image Size 5472x3648
Aspect ratio 3:2
Image Quality RAW
Flash Off
FE lock OFF
White Balance Mode Auto
AF Mode AI Servo AF
AF Configuration Tool Case 4
Tracking sensitivity 0
Accel./decel. tracking 1
AF point auto switching 0
AF area select mode AF Point expansion:surround
AF Microadjustment 0
Picture Style User Defined 1(Standard)
Sharpness 3
Contrast 0
Saturation 0
Color tone 0
Color Space sRGB
Long exposure noise reduction Disable
High ISO speed noise reduction Standard
Highlight tone priority Enable
Auto Lighting Optimizer Disable
Drive Mode Silent single shooting
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Posted by slacker on Sun, 03/11/18 17:42
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 03/11/18 18:49

One feels the edge in this image and that they the viewer are ready to go over into oblivion. The green falling water really draws one into the setting and further into oblivion.