Frozen Falls

This was taken a few weeks back with my Pentax K3ii and 18-135 lens @f13 for 30secs. It continually scores low in my camera club, and I don't know why, any advice?


Posted by Steve Tugwell on Wed, 02/14/18 12:12
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 02/14/18 12:32

Depending on where I could set up I wouldíve paid more attention to the left half of the
scene. I see a scene like this, relatively close, as a starting point for isolating various
sections into graphic/abstract compositions. Thatís not to say this isnít very good. Just
expressing my approach.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/14/18 13:00

I couldn't disagree more with your camera club in giving a low score to this image. I do like the colors in the left half of the image (the blues of the rock formation and the varying shades of white of the ice and snow), the sense of texturing that can be felt and sensed even from your distant perspective of the ice formations, and the abstractive feel that comes from the varying ice formations. Probably as with Jeff I would favour the left half of the setting and so I would imagine that the fellow members of the camera club felt that the right half with the inclusion of the bare branches might simply have overpowered the icy feel found in the left side of the image.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 02/14/18 13:23

I missed the camera club part. Whatís a low score vs. high? I would think that one of
the big reasons for being a member of a camera club is to learn from each other so
someone, either individually or as a panel, should help you find out why itís not meeting
their standards for a higher score. Years ago I was invited to be a judge even though I
wasnít a club member. We sat at a table while someone displayed a photo briefly about
7í away. We wrote down a numerical score. During a lunch break I was able to view
some of the photos up close. Many were a mess and didnít deserve the high score they
may have received when viewed from a distance. I donít know if the photogs received
any feedback. Although one time was interesting I declined an invitation to join. If you
think this photo is a standout then it is.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Wed, 02/14/18 16:33

There is a lot to like here. I don't like those twigs in the foreground. And
for me it needs a few steps to the left to reduce the impact of the trees on
the right although I can see that this might not have been possible. Those
ice formations are fabulous.

Comments by Steve Tugwell on Wed, 02/14/18 17:07

Thanks for your comments, I feel a lot better now. the problem with at least my club is that there is no feed back, the photos are sent to someone somewhere, and that's it. Re positioning wasn't really an option, without getting very wet! Although a bit of rotation or re-cropping might help.
It scored 23 out of possible 30 divided among 3 judges.

Comments by jj on Thu, 02/15/18 03:31

There is a lot going on here. I also wonder if the ice on the left side wouldn't make a great shot.

I can't speak for the camera club thing, If it's not to somebody'd taste, fine, but that means little more, without explanation and words. Jeff, for instance, explains his thinking, which is quite valuable.

I'm wondering if you might bring up the brightness a bit, but I'd have to try it, and that's not going to work on a jpg.

Comments by slacker on Thu, 02/15/18 06:40

Try a new camera club...
I like it that is all you need to know.
Hell I was thrilled with the 21's they gave me!
Run for a position in the club and your numbers will improve.
You just keep snapping and your golden hour will present itself.

Comments by slacker on Thu, 02/15/18 06:42

Photos are like bullets, shoot enough and you are bound to hit somebody!

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Thu, 02/15/18 12:07

Photo clubs are great. Great only if you have close meaningful
interaction with other members who are willing to open up and
share experiences and knowledge. If you have no idea why this
image does not score well in your club and you have to go
elsewhere (here) to have some idea. Then it maybe time for a new
camera club. However, you must understand that everyone has their
own taste, style and ideas on imagery. We are Humans and some have
great egos.
Like Earnest, I would have removed those foreground branches.
Working with software may not be a strong point for you as of yet
(I don't know). I may have removed that bit of ice in the LLC so
that added touch of more water strengthens the diagonal water
movement. I may have cropped off more on the RHS to remove that
touch of tree in the URS. But all in all its a pretty good image.
The tones are balanced so well, the fact the dark waterfall stones
are squarely in the middle of the image, its still not bad. But
that center tone is dominating the image and not something you
want. especially when you have all that great ice on the LHS.