Cleared For Landing

An annual visit by a couple of hawks. Some specs for Jan: From my driveway
about 75' from the tree base. Top of the tree is at least another 75'. Tamron
150-600 on DX set at continuous high (10 frames per sec) ISO 1600, f8,
1/6000s, focal 500mm=750 DX, tripod, remote firing cord (saves hand fatigue
hanging onto the camera). Thanks for commenting.

Posted by Jeff Dye on Tue, 01/30/18 12:32
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 01/30/18 14:44

Thank you for the info Jeff.

The contrast between the blue sky and the hawks serves to make the two birds visually stand out in the image with their pose creating the sense of the mating season that must be at hand for birds in your part of the world.

It must be the underside of the spread of the right wing of the upper hawk which creates the white area between the bodies of the two hawks but it gave me pause at first thinking perhaps there was a cloud in the background just between the two birds.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Tue, 01/30/18 16:51

Everything beautifully sharp but I've long believed sharpness isn't
everything. Considering the accessibility and setup I'd say the resulting
moment is less than ideal. OK for the landing hawk (the partially hidden
left wing detracts though) but the position of the lower hawk is not
appealing with that lowered head position.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Tue, 01/30/18 19:13

I know little about hawk behavior. I had to google to find out that this is a mating ritual.
Just guessing but the lowered head my be a sign of submission. This happens blinding
fast. When the big guy flies in I have to instantly start shooting and can only hope for
good body position. Some worked and some didn't. I have shots with better wing
position but in this shot I liked the exposed talons.

Comments by Harry Liston on Wed, 01/31/18 23:08

True encounters with nature are thrilling to see, regardless of the artistic considerations.