Same day...same waterfall

Eastatoe Falls--the upper two thirds of the falls as seen walking up the trail.

Posted by Steve Owen on Sun, 11/05/17 11:09
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Comments by Steve Owen on Sun, 11/05/17 11:10

The entire falls

Comments by Steve Owen on Sun, 11/05/17 11:11

The lower portion

Comments by les perry on Sun, 11/05/17 12:50

All very nice but I do like the last one a little bit more!

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 11/05/17 13:21

I would agree with Les and I do find the last image to be truly stunning... the combination of the lightness of the cascading water framed by the darkened shoreline and the soft textural feel of the water as it cascades over the rocks.
The first image comes second with a sense of anticipation created by the view of the upper 2/3 portion of Eastatoe Falls.

Comments by S Roter on Sun, 11/05/17 15:09

I have to agree with Jan. Truly special

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 11/06/17 01:46

So pretty! All of 'em! Nice work Steve!

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Tue, 11/07/17 12:20

All beautiful shots. Good job, Steve.;-)

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Tue, 11/07/17 15:28

Yep, all good and the last shot, "mystical "