Eye Contact

When I get bored with the bugs and birds, I go back to
where it all started.The streets.

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Posted by S Roter on Tue, 08/08/17 21:59
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Comments by slacker on Tue, 08/08/17 22:35

Looks alot like Johny Skakedown stuff..

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 08/09/17 10:58

If this is a sample of your street photography , I would truly like to
see more. The framing is perfect and the intensity of expression
immediately grabs attention . I was puzzled by Slacker's reference until
I googled "Johnny Shakedown " and hit on the Flickr photos there and
understood the connection....Street photos where the facial expressions
rule the images. My own "street photography " is very limited due to my
being too uncomfortable photographing strangers...( except at public
events,once in a while).... a fatal flaw for a real street photographer.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 08/09/17 14:22

I like the way the window partitions the imange into three parts with the two to the left being relatively empty and then bang! the third opening hits you with the full force of the man's face and in particular the expression that you captured on his face. The b&w mode really works to enhance the moody feel of the image with the available light working to highlight the man's features... all so intense.

I would have to fall into the same category as Bruce with a real sense of being uncomfortable in photographing strangers.