Posted by flemming rasmussen on Fri, 08/04/17 09:12
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 08/04/17 11:57

Such a beautiful creature I've never seen except in movies or on tv. I think I would have moved as close as I could to side of the enclosure and eliminated the wall and just had the trio of giraffes reaching out to the people for treats.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 08/04/17 12:14

Friendly Giraffes offer a great opportunity for graphic close-ups rather than the much less
interesting "I was there" snapshot.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Fri, 08/04/17 16:06

I see Jeff's arrogant photo superiority is on display on one of your
images again.

Graphic close-ups become their own cliche when they become a
dominant part of a portfolio. Or alternatively floral closeups.

I'd probably do this differently (don't we all) but the direction of your
intent is not bad. Even a small move to your right would have improved