Posted by G.B. SHETTLER on Fri, 05/05/17 17:56
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Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Fri, 05/05/17 18:00

Thanks for viewing. This is a blend of a crumbling Manitoba interlake
farm house wall and a Manitoba interlake landscape image. Have a
GReat Day !!...The image is a touch duller on PC for some reason. Oh

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 05/05/17 18:50

I remember a few years back that there was an artist who made use of the cracked and broken mud along the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg to create a work of art which only lasted until the first hard rain came through the city. You composition reminds me of that artist's work. Mud seems like a major component of any landscape in Manitoba at certain times of the year especially in the Spring.

Comments by S Roter on Sat, 05/06/17 16:53

I do not see any blending, it looks like a single image. You have
become so good at bringing two images together seamlessly, I can't

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Sun, 05/07/17 10:29

Here is one of the original images. Quite different, eh !

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Thu, 05/11/17 01:42

The editing made for a dramatic transformation.

Comments by JP Zorn on Thu, 05/11/17 06:48

The coloring, light and texture are striking. Would look very nice
blown-up big on a wall.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 05/17/17 01:58

Excellent work.