Happy Easter!

Posted by Paul Bracey on Sat, 04/15/17 23:59
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Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 04/16/17 05:54

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 04/16/17 05:56

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 04/16/17 05:57

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sun, 04/16/17 11:09

And a Happy Easter as well,to you, Paul. I'm not a particularly
religious guy, but last week I was looking for an Easter card to send
to a sick friend and I was shocked to find maybe just 5 percent of the
cards were religious in nature while all the rest were celebrating
bunnies and eggs....oh, and even a few,... Micky Mouse ! Clever way
concentrated on the flower .....pistils , stamens ??? to suggest
Halleiujah trumpets.

Comments by S Roter on Sun, 04/16/17 11:17

Well done Paul as always.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 04/16/17 12:36

A wonderful combination of the clarity of the pistils and stamens and the available lighting to capture a sense of both the Easter season and springtime. I particularly like the two image in the comment section with the sunlight playing across the pistils and stamens... the Hallelujah chorus.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Tue, 04/18/17 17:10

Happy Easter, Paul. I got some yellow soft and sugary candies that
tasted pretty good. Did you try dipping your flower in sugar and
giving it a taste. One never knows

Comments by Dan Rubin on Thu, 04/20/17 11:24

Very nice work in this genre, you really can do it all.