the first wave

The first wave of spring in this neck of the woods is the
sudden appearance of the brilliant forsythia under the still
bare trees.

Posted by Dan Rubin on Sat, 04/15/17 17:53
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Comments by Dan Rubin on Sat, 04/15/17 17:54

Under the wave.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 04/15/17 19:37

I do like your perspective in the opening shot with the yellow of the forsythia sweeping across the image like a wave.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sat, 04/15/17 23:04

That's some potent yellow! :)

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sun, 04/16/17 11:16

Colorful Spring image and very apt descriptive .. (wave) analogy.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Sun, 04/16/17 17:06

Welcome spring.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Sun, 04/16/17 21:11

Very nice composition with the colorful and diagonal leading line.

Comments by jj on Tue, 04/18/17 05:54

My first thought was "my what a lot of gorse" but it's Forsythia, thankfully. (Gorse and Scotch Broom are plagues out here.)

There's something throwing me a bit off with the evergreen tree, I kind of want it moved, but then again, that could be a touch difficult :)

Overall, though, great shot of spring!

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Tue, 04/18/17 16:58

Follow the Yellow brick road, Dan. And put your Ruby Red gardening
shoes on first.