Snow Canyon

Nikon D300s, Nikon 17-35mm @f/11 ISO 200.

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah. 31 March 2017

Posted by KBA on Mon, 04/17/17 13:24
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 04/17/17 13:30

I think all of these images but especially this image of the Snow Canyon would be candidates for a painting... one could almost imagine someone sitting at this spot and putting the colors,the forms, the textures to canvas.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Mon, 04/17/17 15:14

All 3 are excellent in every respect. I was there for several hours on April 5. The
Petrfied Dunes are always a big attraction for me, especially when I'm short on time. I
like the volcanic foregrounds in the first 2. A small park with endless possibilities.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Mon, 04/17/17 15:19

All nicely constructed but overcooked on the processing for me.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 04/17/17 17:44