Through The Gorge

Virgin River Gorge in the SW corner of Utah and partially in Nevada. About 10
minutes south of St. George. I-15 runs through it. Unfortunately, there are
only a couple of safe places to stop on either side of the interstate. Tele lens on
tripod. Thanks for commenting.

Posted by Jeff Dye on Mon, 02/27/17 12:32
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 02/27/17 13:25

A strong sense of texturing from the layering across the scrub plant view in the foreground through the foothills to the more distant mountainous area. A good sense of depth in the image which is enhanced with the use of a black background. One of the few places in your landscape images that I've actually visited.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 02/27/17 23:15

This first came up on my monitor at work and I was like, m'eh...

Here at home it appears much more dynamic - almost three dimensional!

It's a good lesson in taking critiques with a grain of salt as it may
look very different to anyone else depending on too many factors
outside our control. (Glad I didn't critique it from work!)

Comments by jj on Fri, 03/10/17 05:14

Wow, that texture almost gives me a bit of a twitch! I'm think less of the far-away mountains might be better. Still, its spectacular, I'm not just not sure exactly how. :)