There's snow in the valley now. This was taken last month.

Posted by Linda Frey on Wed, 12/17/08 11:43
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Comments by S Roter on Wed, 12/17/08 12:37

Excelllent capture, love it.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Wed, 12/17/08 12:44

The diagonal flow of trees and ridges is so nice I would've let it go at that. Skip the house and white sky.

Comments by Tony Scheuhammer on Wed, 12/17/08 12:49

I like the inclusion of the house; makes the image more interesting for me than just the diagonal ridges.

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Wed, 12/17/08 12:52

Linda - I've been watching for a photo op of the "last lonely house".
Looks like you beat me to it. Nice composition.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Wed, 12/17/08 12:52

Wonderful scene. Soft and gentle with a touch of humanity. I like the extra depth you get from those fog covered trees in the distance.

It's probably just me but I want to give it a little CW rotation.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 12/17/08 13:03

The house at the end of the world is feeling that one gets from the setting and from the mist rising behind the house. I like the diagonal flow of the ridges (lighting together with the toning) but the inclusion of the house is like icing on a cake for me... the whole setting takes on an emotional feel that would be missing in my mind if the house had been excluded. I might have cropped down slightly to eliminate some of the empty sky.

Comments by Alias on Wed, 12/17/08 13:17

Comments by Dan Rubin on Wed, 12/17/08 13:24

Agree with above -- super shot. Just for the heck of it I would try cloning out all the cars surrounding the structure, to give it a more timeless look.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Wed, 12/17/08 13:56

Comments by Tommy McGee on Wed, 12/17/08 16:12

A great shot, Linda. The inclusion of the house is perfect. The fog/mist obscurred valley adds mystery. The diagonals lead the eye to the lonely house, which is occupied by much less than lonely people as indicated by all the cars. Nice.

Comments by les perry on Wed, 12/17/08 16:40

Lovely feel light and comp, much to like.

For me the house should be in, but perhaps an old shed or older building without the cars and mast would of enhanced it even further, but then again one can be to picky.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 12/17/08 16:53

Ditto to Ernest's comment - except for the rotation.

Comments by les perry on Wed, 12/17/08 17:33

oh and jealous!

Comments by Bill Leggett on Wed, 12/17/08 18:27

Has a certain dreamy look to it.

Comments by Dennis Connell on Wed, 12/17/08 18:33

Linda, it would be interesting to see this same scene with the snow in the valley :)


Comments by bimshal on Wed, 12/17/08 18:51

like the layers with the trees. was this taken in early morning?

Comments by J. Morris on Wed, 12/17/08 19:16

Great landscape. Wouldn't change a thing. Please take this image with the snow - bet it works well too.

Comments by dannyshyan on Wed, 12/17/08 22:29

very nice...i agree with Jeff to some extent but feel it should be cropped just above the house :)

Comments by AG Laycock on Wed, 12/17/08 23:32

Wonderful image. The colours are so subtle and yet it retains enough WOW to make it eye-catching. I think the cropaholics have it all wrong. It's perfectly balanced as is and the house gives it a strong point of reference.

Comments by John Long on Thu, 12/18/08 16:18

It's a great shot Linda - just a little off the sky for me

Comments by MONIQUE STAP on Thu, 12/18/08 16:47

Wonderful image Linda and wel composed!
I agree with Ernest about the rotation. Just a bit to the right.


Comments by Richard Dong on Fri, 12/19/08 00:26

I like how the barren branches give a delicate feathery quality to the image. Lovely.

Comments by CHCollins on Fri, 12/19/08 00:34

This has a kind of surreal sense of perspective which makes it arresting... the house seems 2x more prominent than one would expect. You've got the viewer's attention. I wonder whether burning in the sky would make it a bit moodier.