Converted to B&W in PS.

Posted by Ruth Rittichier on Sun, 05/27/07 09:53
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 05/27/07 09:56

This image works well in b&w in my mind. I like the sense of flow that carries the eye of the viewer from the top to the bottom and the right to the left in the image (that right to left flow has the sense of waves on a seashore, for me), the manner in which the seats of the benches are highlighted which works to create the feel of wave crests and heighten the sense of waves, and the overall feel of a finely crafted pencil drawing.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sun, 05/27/07 10:10

Sorry about the misspelling of the Amphitheater. I'm a poor typist.

Comments by Michael Dreese on Sun, 05/27/07 11:26

A wonderful abstract! I love the lines and angles. A wise choice to use black & white.

Comments by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 05/27/07 11:47

Great repetitive patterns. The choice of black and white was also great.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 05/27/07 12:30

Great graphic look. Love it!

Comments by barry weaver on Sun, 05/27/07 12:40

An excellent graphic picture that works well in monochrome. Good composition. You have the "Seeing Eye".

Comments by Rafael Seibert on Sun, 05/27/07 14:28

You've got a good eye for compostition and opportunity.


Comments by Luka Ban on Sun, 05/27/07 16:10

A great work.

Comments by Dave Lavash on Sun, 05/27/07 17:12

A good graphic image. The black border and white stroke hold it all in, too.

Comments by Rick Longworth on Sun, 05/27/07 18:07

Nice patterns shot ruth.

Comments by Linda Frey on Sun, 05/27/07 19:31

Nice design, Ruth. It looks almost like a pencil sketch.

Comments by Ray Ewing on Sun, 05/27/07 20:45

excellent pattern, like it a lot

Comments by Joseph Liftik on Mon, 05/28/07 10:08

pattern, light, b&W... perfect

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Mon, 05/28/07 10:22

Fine graphic.

Comments by Caillault on Tue, 05/29/07 10:15

Poor typist, Ruth ? I don't know. Great photographer and gorgeous black and white ? Oh yeah, that's for sure ! ! ! !

Comments by J. Main on Wed, 06/06/07 13:50

Very nice lines!

Comments by Kevin J. Pellerine on Tue, 08/21/07 17:20

This is a cool image to say the least. The simple patterns working across the scene with the places for the mind to go and sit and take in the image, from anywhere we might like to. The basic tones and complex simplicity dance with each other in an elegant style.

Well done!