SWPP Photo Competition

With these three photos I won last Sunday in London the Photographer of the Year in Fine Arts, Environmental Portraiture and Publicity & PR organised by the SWPP. There were 31 categories of which I won 3 and the Overall Winner for the Highest amount of Golds (69 golds) in nine months). For these competitions more than 23,000 photos were submitted from photographers around the world.

These are the links:

Posted by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 01/24/10 09:20
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Comments by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 01/24/10 09:21

With this photo I won the Photographer of the Year in Environmental Portraiture.

Comments by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 01/24/10 09:22

With this photo I won the Photographer of the Year in Publicity & PR.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/24/10 09:58

What can one say Christopher but Bravo for the superb work with your photographs and the recognition that you have received in the Photo Competition. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your work with the photographers of PC.

Comments by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 01/24/10 10:10

Thank you Jan for your comment. It was my pleasure sharing my work on this site. Several PB members have helped me in improving my work. Without such support I would have never improved.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Sun, 01/24/10 11:27

WOW & CONGRATULATIONS !! well deserved, Chris ! (and to think I nit pick at you - slap me silly)

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Sun, 01/24/10 13:41

It's great when your talent is recognized by awards. Justly so, always found your work outstanding!

Comments by Tom Manson on Sun, 01/24/10 15:51

Congratulations! Thanks for posting on this site. I learn a lot from your images and the
comments that they generate.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sun, 01/24/10 16:09

Most of your images are stunning on this site, so I am not surprised that you have won in this competition...congratulations. I have enjoyed looking at your images with awe...

Comments by andi roibu on Sun, 01/24/10 17:53

Auguri, Cristopher, keep it up, I'm glad for you!!

Comments by Linda Frey on Sun, 01/24/10 21:12

I thought I commented earlier, but I guess I'm still learning how to leave comments!

Congratulations, Christopher!

Comments by John Wise on Mon, 01/25/10 01:40

A well deserved congratulations, Christopher! Looking forward to seeing more of your great images.

Comments by Steve Owen on Mon, 01/25/10 01:58

Congratulations, Christopher! Your work is truly outstanding and it is good to see you getting the recognition that you deserve!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Mon, 01/25/10 10:34

I like the elegant lines and simplicity of the OP. You do great work so it's no surprise you're
being recognized for it. Congratulations and will look forward to future work.

Comments by Sal Santostefano on Tue, 01/26/10 00:46

Congrats Christopher!

Comments by Art Sands on Thu, 02/11/10 18:32

congratulations - excellent work